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PEO regulatory compliance made easier...

eCAL is a web-based service designed to help PEOs comply with regulatory requirements more efficiently and reliably.

  • Saves compliance staff time
  • Reduces errors, costly fines & citations
  • Decreases the regulatory burden of expanding into new states
  • Helps staff track what they need to do, when it’s due, and how to do it
  • Describes specific tasks needed to comply with state requirements
  • Seamless integration with NAPEO Regulatory Database1
  • Delivers status reports to managers
  • Provides customizable alert schedules
  • Safeguards institutional knowledge with archived notes and documents
  • Sends notifications of compliance requirement changes

eCAL is the “go-to” compliance tool for PEO staff to use to accomplish all of their day-to-day compliance tasks while facilitating management oversight and important consultation with trusted advisors.2

Subscribers pay a one-time setup fee ranging from $295 to $895 that covers initial customized account setup and user training. PEOs enjoy the first 3 months FREE*.  After this trial period, the subscription fee ranges from $50 to $300 depending on the PEO’s gross annual wages.  *See our pricing information for additional details.

What our customers say...
eCAL is a great product that helps your PEO with regulatory compliance, saves staff’s time while avoiding costly citations and fines. If you’ve not yet tried it, you should!
Pat Cleary, NAPEO

The eCAL system has helped streamline our license and renewal process and the weekly alerts make it easy to keep track of pending requirements.
Tracie Alcon, Nextep

eCAL has moved teams beyond mere compliance into the realm of best practices. It has allowed all of our departments and brands to coordinate and collaborate in real-time with fewer steps and greater results.
Todd Cohn, TriNet

eCAL is helping us eliminate a stand-alone spreadsheet and better manage our multiple PEO licenses, enhancing compliance while reducing cost.
Greg Foss, TandemHR

1Eligible NAPEO Members only

2Important: eCAL is not a substitute for legal advice regarding a PEO's obligations under applicable city, county, state, and federal law.  If you have a legal question, you should consult an experienced industry attorney.


For a limited time, NAPEO members who subscribe to eCAL will receive 12 FREE months.

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For a limited time, NAPEO members who subscribe to eCAL will receive 12 FREE months!

An initial customized setup and user training is required to take advantage of the eCAL service. Subscribers must pay APEC a one-time “setup fee” based on the amount of subscriber’s prior calendar year’s PEO worksite employee wages. (The below fee categories correspond to NAPEO’s seven dues categories as measured by each PEO’s annual wages.)

NAPEO MembersOne-Time Setup Fee


Subscription Fee*

Fee CategoryPEO Wage Range
Category 1$10 Million or less$295$25
Category 2$10 - $15 Million$395$50
Category 3$15 - $50 Million$495$75
Category 4$50 - $150 Million$595$100
Category 5$150 - $500 Million$695$125
Category 6$500 Million - $4 Billion$795$150
Category 7$4 Billion or more$895


*Monthly subscription fees are charged starting in the PEO's 13th month of service.

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