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eCAL Pricing Information

Limited Time Offer: PEOs who subscribe to eCAL will receive 3 FREE months!*

*Subscribers pay a one-time setup fee that covers initial customized account setup and user training. Your customer service manager will set up your account with licensing / registration, annual reports, and other maintenance items based on your PEO's states of operation. The training for your new account will teach your users how to effectively use eCAL to efficiently manage and track your PEO's regulatory compliance responsibilities.

PEO Wage RangeOne-Time Setup FeeMonthly Subscription Fee12
$10 Million or less$295$50
$10 - $15 Million$395$100
$15 - $50 Million$495$150
$50 - $150 Million$595$200
$150 - $500 Million$695$250
$500 Million - $4 Billion$795$300
$4 Billion or more$895$300

1Monthly subscription fees are charged starting in the PEO's 4th month of service.
2NAPEO Members receive a 50% discount on the eCAL Monthly Subscription Fee.

Estimated Annual Wages:

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